Sunday, 11 May 2008

8-Mai-08 Elephants Live with Pieter and Rexon

I think seeing this baby elephant touched the hearts of most people, especially Pieter. It was lovely to hear the excitement in his voice when he suddenly caught a glimpse of this tiny elephant. Rexon did a fantastic job of focusing on the baby and I just loved the bit where it was trying to kneel down to drink water from its mouth because it could not yet use its trunk. I for sure have never seen such a young elephant. In fact the whole herd had so many youngsters and as I always say, babies sell. Thanks edpbs for capturing this truly wonderful spectacle.


ellespot said...

this made my day!
sitting at my desk watching a beautiful spring day outside my window and wishing I could be out there!
I have to have the sound off when I sneak a peek at the drives during my workday and I stole a glimpse and saw all the elephants coming over the hilltop. I let the sound up ever so slightly so I could enjoy Pieter and Rex's reactions to it all!
Later that night I searched it out on Youtube so I could share this with my daughter. So many babies!
All you need to put a smile on your face while drudging away at a computer all day, one baby elephant.


Claire-M. from Karulaland said...


Best to seeing these moments "live" is the possibility to see them again and again with a video like this one.

Thank you!

Claire-M. aka Clic2007

Vicki Wisehart said...

I don't know how to express myself in words about how I feel about my WildEarth experiences. It makes me feel like I'm very fortunate to be living life in this era. If I could be any one else on this earth,...I want it to be, any one of you! I want you know that animals are always a very important part of my life. I cried when I saw the little itsy-bitsy baby ellie because at one point when he placed his trunck in his mouth, I believe I saw him sucking on it like a pacifier. For some strange reason, that made me cry. Thank you all for all the very long hours & hard labor you do for us! I know, it's in your nature! Mine too! Vicki in Illinois