Monday, 21 April 2008

WE's first birthday

On Sunday 27th April 2008 WildEarth will have been LIVE for exactly one year. It is also Freedom Day over here in SA and so WE think it is definitely an excuse to celebrate. Over the past year we have seen many of our beloved bush characters come and go along with numerous staff. Watch this Blog on Sunday for news, updates and pictures of staff past and present. Instead of the weekly video highlights we are asking for special historical and memorable videos made from clips that people have recorded over the past year. Please post them to You Tube so that we can link them to our blog and show people all the good times we have had since we started. Please let us know about these clips by posting the links in a comment below this post.
WE have finally opened our own shop. We will add more and more WildEarth products over the next few weeks. Please take a look, your comments would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I think it's great! I would love to see the Djuma Game Reserve logo on the back or front of some of the shirts maybe? I can't wait to see what else you offer!Great job WE!! Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I think it would also look nice to have the logo of wildearth "wildearth it's in your nature" stitched on t-shirts or tanks etc. Just an idea ;-). You are doing a great job, keep it up!
Happy Birthday!
Corina, Basel, Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I have been watching since day 1 & really appreciate all of the great sightings WE brings us. :)

This is a compilation I made recently featuring the beautiful scenery that WE has shown us, through fabulous camera work, over the past year:

And this video is a celebration of the big cats.



Deb Butler said...

Happy Birthday WE! Here are a couple of videos that are favorites of mine
and this is from Nick and Helen's last drive
Thanks Deb from KY.

kiotewoman said...

Happy Birthday WE and thanks for being there!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wildearth! I have been with you from the beginning! Here's to many more birthdays!!! This has been an awesome experience!

MikeDailing and Kids said...

Awesome Happy Birthday to WildEarth... From Mike Dailing and his 5 kids.. Yeheyyy ! ! ! ! Let's Celebrate !

Anonymous said...

I agree with others it's great idea! Djuma Game Reserve logo or wildearth seems great. Happy Birthday!

Iwona,Krosno,Poland (Inka)

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to have stumbled across your site, and have been hooked as it is in my nature to love all wildlife. Happy Birthday to you may you have many many more birthdays to come. Keep up the great work.

The shop is a great idea love the shirts and I too would like to see the WE logo and catch phrase on the back to. - An Aussie with a passion for all things African

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Wild Earth!!! I'm one of the fans that has been hooked since day one! You all do an amazing job, it is clear that it is in your nature. Will be looking forward to seeing some of the years highlights....there have been sooo many of them, it will be a real challenge to pick the best of the best.

I know it takes an untold amount of work to keep on the air 24/7 and to bring us the game drives twice a day. All I can say is thank you....WE has become a part of my life and I love is in my nature!

Camwatcher's Cafe

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday WE....great job!!!



Stacy said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to get my hands on a tshirt. Ballcaps would be a good thing too...or maybe print's of some of Pieter's works of photography (I am a huge fan of his photographs)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! and WELL DONE!
You should all be very proud of yourselves and have a great big smile on your face.

You've come a long way - and I THANK YOU!

Keep it coming, Please.


dacman said...

Happy Birthday WE.....and many more!
This video reminds us how fast Nick used to go on the safari drives!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday WE! I have not missed a drive since finding this site four months ago. The T-shirts are fantastic! I hope to see a leopard on one and maybe the the WildEarth logo.

opal52 said...

Happy Birthday, Wildearth!

being a part of the game drives is truly an experience next to no others......thank you for the rewarding sights that you bring to us.