Sunday, 20 April 2008

WE Film Makers

I have been surfing You Tube for WildEarth videos made by you, our viewers, and I realised that there are some budding wildlife filmmakers out there. I have been making wildlife films for over a decade and know how difficult it can be, but also how rewarding. I want all of you to get some credit for your work and so have decided to do a weekly highlights post on the WE Blog. I will pick a few of the best videos made each week and post them on the Blog. This will highlight your film making skills but also give all the WE viewers, who don't manage to watch the drives, an idea of what happened in that week. Please take my comments as constructive and hopefully we can all build a fantastic archive of WildEarth video.
For this first highlights post I have chosen a few vidoes from the last month - it sure has been an exciting month. From next week onwards I will do it weekly ... so get going on producing some great films. So far I would like to thank Banditt066, Sagresta, Bal24, Joycefuller, Slinggirl, WorldTeachers, ROL332, Alydradivine, Soberlady50, WVK11, mutluver, KeeKira, Clic2007, Fabby83 and Elektricat. If there is anyone else who has made a WildEarth video that I haven't mentioned please let me know who you are. Also you guys can help me by always putting WildEarth as one of your tags so that it is easier for me, and others, to find your WE videos. There is also a WildEarth group on You Tube, to which you can post your videos. Many thanks for your continued support of WE and I look forward to working with you on more great WE films ... its in our nature
By Emily Wallington


Anonymous said...

Emily -

I love the idea of you highlighting videos you found of the WildEarth Drives.

Here's my favorite that someone shared with me. Maybe you've seen it before - maybe you haven't but I just love it.

Hope they do this again soon.


Nancy said...

Emily, In addition to YouTube, there are other sites where WE vidoes have been posted.

The best videos(and stills)that I have seen (by anyone) are by Skipper at Photobucket ... please check them out.

(If that link is too long, go to
then to user "Skipper_007"
and her album "Wildearth"

... she has 65 videos and 67 images posted there.)

and thanks to all of you at WE for a fabulous (vicarious) experience!

cadria said...


I have a blog where I post pix of the drives, so that people who missed them could see what happened on the drives they miss. Please check it out! It might not be as exciting as videos, but I get some awesome screenshots. A vitual photo album for all!

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