Friday, 25 April 2008

Trouble on the Tank again.

Yesterday morning the inverter, that converts the battery power (12 volts DC) to 220 volts AC on the broadcast vehicle (the 'Tank'), began to smoke ... usually a very bad sign.
We immediately tracked a new one down in Nelspruit and WE went to collect it. Late last night the team installed the new one only to discover that it made 'strange' sounds. So I have made the decision to cancel today's drives (sorry) and I will leave Johannesburg tomorrow morning and get to Djuma in the afternoon. Immediately we will try and figure out what is going on and fix the problem, hopefully in time to have a drive on Sunday morning ... our birthday!!
Sorry about these cancelled drives, but WE just can't afford to blow up another inverter, I hope that you understand.
Graham Wallington.


Valore - said...

Tank's sure a stubborn old thing, isn't it..

Hope you guy's can get the inverter working with little problem!

We will just have to keep our eye's on the Dam cam, was some great Ele viewing their this morning!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the tank packed it in again. I hope you get the inverter sorted without a hassle.

Good luck and fingers crossed for you - an aussie with a passion for all things african

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to be a viewer now and part of the Djuma/WE community. What a wonderful experience to share.

Hopefully you can get the inverter working -- we sure know you are trying to get it done ASAP.

Eleanor, NYC

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Wild Earth!!

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed the drives over the past year. Every drive is unique and thrilling. Pieter and Rexon are a wealth of information, and Pieter's enthusiasm knows no bounds.
Alex is brilliant on camera and the FCC is full of talented people (Sue, Jan and Dan.)I hope and pray WE have another great year and many more to come.
Happy Birthday!!

Sharon in Texas

Carolnj said...

Hi Djuma/WE, happy birthday! So, are we having a drive today? I'm hopeful that I'll be able to see it once again. I've had terrible trouble with camera availability. FINALLY got to see the africam streamers two days ago.

Karen said...

Wooohooo... The Tank looked out for us on this "special day".
What better way to help celebrate the 1st Birthday with one of Karula's Cubs.
Really for sure enjoyed Rexon's Birthday Song and Alex singing along with him.
The "Dream Team of Rex and Lex" did a fantastic job out there today sharing your beautiful bush with us.

TON OF THANKS go out to ALL OF YOU for working so hard to bring us a drive this afternoon.

I'm looking forward to seeing this "dance" Rexon is talking about sharing with us. He and Alex have so much fun together.
I truly love to see the excitement in Rexon as he finds things to share with us no matter if they are big or small.
The WE Family are all wonderful people and I feel truly blessed to be able to know you.

Many thanks,

Karen (in Virginia)
Original Bomite Hogger