Monday, 14 April 2008

Starter motor breaks again!

It's happened again! The starter motor on the Tank has bust. The constant stopping and starting, coupled with advanced years, is just more than the old lady can stand. So WE unfortunately have to cancel the morning drive tomorrow. As you know, WE really do not like missing a drive, but there is only one broadcast vehicle ... and it needs a starter!
Jan and Rex will head into Hoedspruit tomorrow morning at dawn. They will take all the starter pieces, that we have accumulated, and try to find a bush mechanic brave enough for the challenge. If WE are lucky Rex and Jan will return victorious in time for the afternoon drive.
Don't worry, WE'll keep you up to date ... its in our nature.


plinkplinkfizz76 said...

hi guys, its emma from london here, well what a very funny drive today, i was laughing my head off with tears aswell, and yes my african grey parrot called george loved the owl sounds that rex was doing, GO REX lol, the poor old girl died again, bless her, well i hope you get her back to health again and keep up the great work, esp rex & alex, you guys are so funny working together

Mike Dailing said...

Yes, The "Old Lady" has had her share.... Well, I for one have no problem with waiting, and anticipating the next fantastic drive, whenever it may be. :>)

Mike and Kids
Carlsbad, Calif

Anonymous said...

I have not been able to view the drives for over a month now. I don't understand what has happened. I was able to see them for about four days and then the screen wouldn't activate anymore. HELP!

Dar said...

Anonymous... have you tried both server links for the camera?? There are two servers... with the US server having more slots. Try this one.

good luck