Saturday, 19 April 2008

Pieter In Action

This is a video I found whilst looking for WildEarth videos on You Tube. Well done to banditt066 for an absolutely exceptional video, I found it hilarious. I am working on a WE highlights show from You Tube videos posted by viewers which will show you the best videos made each week. Please keep on putting WildEarth videos together and join the WildEarth group on You Tube.
Written by Emily Wallington


Anonymous said...

What a great find Emily tahnk you Banditt did a wonderful job, I love how it has been done in sepia nad the duelling banjos for the music was very appropriate. - an aussie with a passion for all things African

Anonymous said...

Awesome video! Well done, Banditt and great find, Emily.
Hope he is enjoying his time in Namibia. :)

Sharon in Texas

Anonymous said...

I just tried to watch the video, but it says it is no longer available?

Valorie - said...

Hehe.. that's was great.. thanks for sharing it, Emily.. and thanks for making it Banditt!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emily for posting this. What an exceptional jb done. I will 2nd that the music goes perfect with the sepia color added. It looks like an oldie!


Anonymous said...

Emily, I agree, that is hilarious !

Banditt, you are very talented!



Oh wow what a funny video, it was awesome, it was great to see it sepia and the banjos just set it off, well done emily for the fantastic find and to banditt for making what it is, awesome work
emma from london

Anonymous said...

This clip is definitely a "keeper"! Awesome job creating that, Banditt and thanks Emily for somehow digging that one up! I hadn't seen it!
5 thumbs up from this "reviewer" ;)


Jersey Girl said...

Great Video - loved the sepia tone, loved the song choice, loved the whole thing!

Banditt - you should be doing this for a living!

Emily - great find!

Thanks for sharing!
Jersey Girl