Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The 'Tank' needs help.

Yesterday evening, during Dinamossi's try out drive, the Tank's starter motor broke again. This has happened a few times before and is partly due to the constant stopping and starting and partly because the Tank is made up of a Chev engine, a Landrover Discovery gearbox and the rest is a Landrover Defender. Jan and James spent hours in the workshop last night trying to build one good starter motor out of all the parts WE have acumulated. But by midnight they new there was no hope.
WE have tracked a second hand starter motor down in Johannesburg and will be putting it on the next available flight down to the Sabi Sands, which is tomorrow afternoon. That will leave Jan and James just under one hour to install and test the new motor before the drive goes out tomorrow afternoon.
It also means that WE are going to have to miss this afternoon's drive and tomorrow morning's drive. But Rex will answer questions instead. This morning WE received 79 questions from all of you and Rex really enjoyed answering them. Ask away, and he will try and answer as many as possible.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Rexon's question and answer session. He is so full of knowledge and has a terrific sense of humor. :)

cadria said...

What an awesome picture Pieter!

Rick said...

Wow,...great shot of the Baboons there Pieter.
Thanks for the update on the tank. I know everything possible is being done,...keep up the good work!
Rick from Canada

LadyDoc said...

Thanks so much for keeping us informed and for ALL that you do for us.

Tell Pieter that the picture is GREAT!!!!

Sandpiper said...

I love this picture of the baboons! Too cute!

Mike Dailing said...

Those mechanics are very resourceful.. I could only imagine out there in the bush getting things to work they way they aren't supposed to... truly amazing.
I also thoroughly enjoyed Rex's Q&A session, it shows how experienced and knowledgeable he is.
I was glued to my monitor the whole time.
Mike in Carlsbad, Calif.

Raven-Camwatchers Cafe said...

Thanks so much for the update! Q and A sessions are always a great idea.
Thanks so much for all you do.
WE appreciate it

Roxanne said...

Thank you so much for keeping us all happy and updated! All you guys are very handy! Please keep up the Q&A sessions, they're really informative and even watching the boys work on the tank was interesting. Hansome, greasy boys doing manual labor...almost as good as a game drive! LOL! Thanks again WE!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are amazing. You find ways to keep us entertained and informed. I really feel like you all are family.
Love the baboon picture, Pieter. The Q & A sessions with Rexon have been wonderful. And Alex's enthusiasm and humor are infectious. I can't imagine a day without Wildearth.