Saturday, 26 January 2008

1000 new seats on the Landy!

Well it has finally happened, WE have 1000 new video server 'slots' courtesy of OneNetPlace in Los Angeles, California. It has been 9 months since WildEarth began broadcasting on the Internet and the demand for our LIVE video stream from Djuma Game Reserve has been massive. So much demand that the Telkom Media server in Pretoria, South Africa, has usually rejected more than 1 million requests for the stream each day.
The link to the new US server is on the top right of this Blog under the title: 'United States Server 1000 slots'. If you live in South Africa you will probably get a better quality stream from the South Africa server.
WE are very excited about this development and hope that you will send this information to all those people that you think would love to watch African wildlife LIVE.


mamasafari/Marian said...

What a pleasure. I thank you and my clicking finger thanks you! I live in Southern California and with just one click, I was on!


Anonymous said...


TexasBlonde said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.

The addiction to these drives will indeed spread. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what a wonderful drive it was! Pieter certainly knew that he had more visitors in the landie with him and Alex! Awesome, awesome drive! Thanks to whomever made it possible to have the new 1000 seats! It's VERY much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I use a Mac and have so much trouble connecting, I can count how many times I've connected on my fingers! The new server made it so easy to connect! I live on the east coast of the US. It only took one click and I was on!

This is wonderful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello wild earth
good job thank you for the extra seats just one click and i was on.
I now live in germany was born in namibia,swakopmund.
Talking about the name of the kudu and where it comes from.
In school they told us kudu comes from the language of the Khoi Khoi a tribe of the San.
You are doing a perfect job out there in the bush.

Ingo from Germany

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!! Being able to get on the drives is a wonderful opportunity to see what I would never get to see in my lifetime. It's the best experience.

Thanks again!!!

blueeyedlibra said...

Thanks WE....its in your nature ,really. You have come through what you've been saying. I did believe when this was said some time ago but was just patient. It takes time, it doesnt happen over night! You have 1000 more people happy. 1 click and I was on.

LadyDoc said...


I am so excited and happy about this news. For 45 years I have dreamed about traveling to Africa and still hope that someday it will happen. Until then, the wonders of this technological magic allows me to *almost* be there live. The new slots mean this can happen so much more often. What a wonderful gift!

Sandpiper said...

Your blog is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive this morning. The quality of the feed was amazing! It was such fun to see Djuma again!

Anonymous said...

WildEarth is the best, thank you so much for the new slots, very much appreciated.

Retta, from TEXAS

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the 1000 new slots. I know I'll never get to South Africa, but this is the next best thing to being there. Keep up the GOOD work, and may God bless you all. Retta from TEXAS

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to WE!

Now the wonderful experience of seeing beautiful Africa will be available to many more people. WE's respect, knowledge, and love of the African flora/fauna is an inspiration to us all. May "WE" spend much, much more time together in lovely Djuma.

EmeraldCity said...

You have exceeded our wildest expectations...For those able to experience a drive for the first time and those having not been able to experience the thrill for a long time....WE...Thank you....Thank you to everyone who made this possible...I for one can't express the pleasure you have brought to so many people...Keep up the great work you do and thank you for bringing Africa into our homes.....You have a jewel in Pieter...his love of the bush..the animals...his job... comes through to the viewer....Hang on to him....he is a treasure to all who enjoy a ride with him...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL...saw the leopard for the first time in months!!!so grateful! thank-you so much for letting us in on this beautiful web site!!! love those incredible cats!

Colleen said...

Thank you so much WE! I live in central Canada and have had a really hard time connecting for the drives. I haven't been on for well over 2 months and this morning, I was able to get on the landy. I cannot tell you how special it is for me to be able to bump along for the ride and see and learn about the wonders of Africa. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you just doesn't seem BIG enough to let you know what a fantastic pleasure it was to join a drive again. I had tears in my eyes. And just think we saw 3 or the Big 5! WOW!
Grand experience! Fantastic technology! Dedicated folks like EVERYONE at WE! What a great world we would have if everyone thought like WE.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing Thank you from the bottom of my heart this is excellent, One click and wow there it was. Thanks to everyone involved in making this wonderful project /working relationship begin! We are grateful for being able to share this wonderful part of our world and also to form long time friends that have the same addiction WE.

Thanks ! Sheryl aka Penzi Ndovu

Anonymous said...

Just two words:

THANK YOU !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, WildEarth, 1080 times, Thank you!

Very much enjoy what you do & hope you keep up the good work!

Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my.....I was out of the house yesterday when the news of the additional seats in the landy came out. But what amazing news to greet me when I got home. If I could do a cartwheel, I would be doing them now.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

From a very happy cammer.


Mamasafari/Marian said...

Many, many thanks to Pieter, James and Haley for allowing us to join them on the sound test drive. What an amazing time it was with the leopard feeding in a jackelberry tree! AND, we didn't have to juggle with the other gamedrives as they were already back at the lodges, enjoying their dinners! In additioh, thanks to onenetplace and WE for gaining the additional slots!


Ken said...

Thank You so much WildEarth. It truly is in your nature. It is wonderful to be able to connect so easily & see the greatest presenters in the world. You guys are great. Come back Rex. WE miss you also. Keep up the fantastic work. Ken fron Dallas, Texas. USA

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
I never bother with your site previously because I couldn't get on. Very frustrating.
What a joy to now be able to sit in the landy with the ranger as I watched for the first time yesterday. It was great just like being there.
Cilla, New Zealand

TexasBlonde said...

Wow! Did you blow our socks off or what today. The drive was over due to problems with the sound. Many of us had taken time away to shop, eat, get cleaned up or do a bit of cleaning. Stopped back by the pc and you are at the jackalberry tree trying to spot the leopard. You stopped us dead in our tracks of whatever chore we were doing. We were graced with a long view of the young male leopard eating his kill.

I want to give you a very heartfelt thanks for your dedication and going above and beyond to grace us with these views today. Thank you.

irislover said...

I can't believe I can get on THANK YOU SO MUCH. This morning I read the blog tried the link and got on a drive even if you had sound trouble I was there!How cool is that:>)I live in Hillsboro, Oregon and this will be nice. Thank you again

sharonangel1226 said...

Thank you so much for the extra seats. It is very much appreciated.

Sharon in Ft. Worth

leecris said...

Thank you so much for the extra slots! Got to see my first game drive EVER!

Also thanks so much to whomever it was who fixed up the auto-link viewer. I appreciate the larger display very much and am still using that access.

wendyhill2000 said...

I am so excited to be able to see this live now - I am sending to all my friends. Hopefully now my friends will understand why I am so addicted to your site.

I learn so much, thank you Pieter for making these drives so incredibly interesting. I think he must have the best job in the whole world :)

simescan said...

Thanks for the extra seats WildEarth,...And for all that you do!


Raven-Camwatchers Cafe said...

Fantastic does not begin to express the feeling of most of us.
Never a problem to get on a drive now. The wonderful world of wildlife and the knowledge gained is indescribable.
Thank you and keep up the great work!
WE appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Since the email isn't working, I decided to leave a comment. I just wanted to wish a Happy 90th Birthday to Pieter's grandma!!
Bless her heart!! and Pieter's too...I always love when Pieter does the drive because he shows us the beauty all around (big things and little things too) Thanks Pieter!
Mary in sunny southern california USA

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo!! 1000 connections! Doing a happy dance here. Connected in 1 click on a Saturday afternoon!

Thank you so much! Can't wait to see some live drives!


Scotgirl in Texas