Sunday, 16 December 2007

WE party!!

It is festive everywhere ... even the bush. In spite of the rain WE are going to have our end of year party tonight. Everybody has worked very hard this year and a little party is in order. After all next year is going to be the year of big work.
WE are expecting big rain over the next while, which is great for the bush, dams and animals, but it does mean that we may miss the odd drive. WE will always try to let you know if we have to miss a drive.
Just for fun here are some pics of some of the crew in camp at the moment.
Liesbeth looks after the whole WE crew, she also makes sure that our camp is in tip top shape. WE couldn't do it without you Liesbeth ... really for sure.

I guess you all know who this is ... Pieter is going on leave from the 24Th December and will be heading for Cape Town for some fun in the sun.

Our newest team member Alex ... always looking for reptiles.

James Taylor has moved into camp and will be building our whole new camp in Dixie just outside Gowrie Gate. WE need to expand to a crew of 20 and just can't accommodate everybody at Vuyatela so we need James to sort us out.

Hayley found this little baby bat on her way to the Final Control ... isn't it cute?

Jan the man preparing some dinner in our tiny kitchen ... won't be too long before WE are much better kitted out.

Rex and Simphiwe are on leave, but they'll be with us in spirit tonight at the party.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the glimpse behind the scenes! What a treat! Have thoroughly enjoyed what the WE crew have brought us and am looking forward to many more drives into the New Year!


Scotgirl in Texas

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a glimpse into the behind the scenes. What a treat! Am looking forward to many more drives into the New Year!


Scotgirl in Texas

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful party and all the best for all of you in the year 2008.
Hope WE will prosper too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your end of the year party. Hope it was a success, and the next year brings wonderful things for you.

Just one other comment. Your blog entry says:

WE will always try to let you know if we have to miss a drive

The only people who can hear your over the air announcement are the 80 people who are connected already. It would be a courtesy to your viewers/fans if those announcement were also simultaneously put on your blog for access to those not on the live feed at the time. We are all out there clicking our little fingers off. TIA

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone had fun! Thanks so much for faces and fact of all the wonderful people involved.
Wishing everyone there a wonderful holiday

Raven~Camwatchers Cafe

callumsnona said...

Well i hope you had a great night. Thanks for introducing all who are involved in WE. Its always good to put faces to all do a wonderful job. Looking forward to what the new year will bring. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
Grateful Scots lass.

Helen and Nick said...

Merry Christmas Guys!!! Hope you have an awsome holiday season and have a drink for us! The best of luck for all your adventures in the new year!

Love Helen and Nick!

P.S. Liesbeth..we miss you too much! When are you going to move to Canada?