Tuesday, 18 December 2007


WE are aware that there are many people around the world that are experiencing severe buffering of the LIVE video stream. The stream is definitely making it to the server in Pretoria with no problems, but somewhere between the video server and you there is a problem. Telkom Media, WildEarth's Internet client, is trying to figure out what the problem is.
In the meantime Djuma has experienced torrential rain, which has all but filled up Gowrie dam ... with more to come.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. It really helps to know what is going on. We will all be looking forward to your return with more of your wonderful drives and views of the wildlife at Gowrie.

Anonymous said...

I thought the buffering had been resolved since this blog was made.

Are you aware it is b.bu.b.bu.buff...buffering again?

We were thrilled to see bits of the lions today, but it was mainly just bits.

Y'all to a fantastic job. I just wanted to make sure you knew we were having problems again.