Friday, 12 October 2007

... is this the changing of the leopard guard?

WE really for sure have had some great drives recently ... it's in our nature (thankfully).
Yesterday we watched as a couple of elephant bulls came upon the buffalo carcass, that the Karuma pride killed a few days ago. The elephants touched, sniffed and moved the bones around ... what were they thinking? They have no need of the carcass and showed us their intelligence as they were obviously thinking intently about it. They have the ability to understand death and it's meaning in relation to their own lives ... just like us.
Shortly thereafter Pieter and Rex came upon Tyson (not pictured above) a big male leopard who is relatively new to the area (Note: WE are not absolutely certain that this is Tyson. If you have images or theories of who this leopard is please mail to
WE have heard that Tyson had a fight with Mafufanyane (another male leopard) on Arathusa, next door to Djuma, which he won. The current theory is that Tyson may be making an attempt to take over Mafufunyane's territory, which is borne out by the fact that WE have not seen Mafufunyane, the father of Karula's cubs, for more than 3 weeks.
If a male leopard was to take over Mafufanyane's territory he may not necessarily kill the cubs (infanticide) as is very common in lions when a takeover occurs.
WE now have confirmation that there are another 5 cubs born to the Karuma pride of lions, bringing their total to 14 cubs. WE haven't seen the 5 new babies ... yet. However, it is only a matter of time before the pride bring the new additions to Djuma to meet the world. WE'll be ready when the pride are ready ... it's in our nature.
Rex goes on leave for two weeks next Tuesday and Rob gets back from his break on the same day. The bush is going super green, WE continue to try and sort out the odd difficulty on the 'tank' like sound, points, starter, batteries, etc.
(Note: The photograph above was taken by Mike Moss at Lion Sands in the southern part of the Sabi Sands. Mike if you know anything about this leopard please post the information as a comment. Thanks for letting us use your pic, clearly it's in your nature to share.)

This is a snap of the leopard from last night. Please email any other photos you know of to
Lets try to identify this fella. Note the distinctive heart shape between his eyes.


Anonymous said...

Stop with the "it's in our nature" already!! Now you're making the drivers say it, too. Do you have any idea how idiotic it sounds?

Mytmoss said...

The leopard is one of two brothers. The father of the leopard is Tumbela who happens to be a very old dominant male who has lived in the Lion Sands area for years. This guy is about 2+ years old and he was looking up at a kill in a tree that he had just stolen from his brother. Thanks so much for sharing my picture and the pictures that others have taken!

audrey kepka said...

dtroll , if you don't like what they said then don't get on the drives. we can always use your slot for someone that does like what is said.

who ever sent that it is call "free speech"

and "it is in your nature"

Anonymous said...

Dear Audrey---for some reason some people seem to think that the drives and drivers should not be criticized. They are providing public entertainment and the public has the right to comment on the performances. That's also called "free speech".

There's a lot Wild Earth does right, but there's also things that need changing or improvement, and I think there's nothing wrong with giving WE feedback. After all, they want to charge for this service, but they have a long way to go before it's worth paying for.

They need more and better jeeps, they need more guide drivers, they need to be able to see the big cats and not have to wait for all the guests to see them first. But the biggest need is more bandwidth so people don't have to spend so much time trying to access the drive broadcasts.

And I think I was right about them overdoing the "it's in your nature". I noticed Pieter didn't say it this time :-).

Mytmoss said...

Dear anonymous (it would be nice if you stated who you are). You certainly are entitled to free speech and you have voiced your opinion. However since you have put this out to the public instead of privately emailing WE, we have the same free speech rights to make comments of what many think is a inane criticism. The fact that you do not like the phrase does not make it idiotic.

I am sure WE is happy to listen to all comments that are made, however when you make them publicly in a forum, others may comment on them too.

I am sure many of my friends and WE know I have criticized WE on many occasions, I have no problem stating what I think of both drivers and WE alike.

I personally think that "its in our nature" is a cute catch phrase and I like it and I do not feel like an idiot for thinking that..

Many of the things that you have said I agree with. They do need better vehicles and they do need more bandwidth and I would love to see more cats. However all of these things have been addressed on by WE in their past blogs and you are beating a dead horse to bring them up again.

As for seeing the cats without getting kicked off the site, that too has been addressed in a big way. If you think that you who pay nothing or $5 are going to get the same access as those that pay $500 per day, dream on. Even when/if we pay a subscription, I doubt if will change much, though I hope it will.

audrey kepka said...

Dean Anonymoss,
i agree with some of what you are saying and so does everyone else that watches.but you did not have to say it in the way you did, it was very rude of you.wildearth is trying to do the best they can. they don't ever have to show the world what they do in the frist place.and they know that they need to change a lot of things. to bring it to us better.and they do ask for our feed back on things. but when we do send them our feed back on what they are doing right or wrong ,there is no need to be rude about it.and you were very rude.

Anonymous said...

Using my name would mean nothing to you---I don't post on the Boma board and never use my real name on the internet, anyway.

As for being rude, Audrey, you do realize that it's rude of you to tell me that? There's no way to criticize someone without being guilty of doing the same thing, LOL!

I stand by my assertion that WE was overdoing the use of their slogan, with the result that it sounded idiotic.

I've noticed that some of the Boma people seem to think they "own" the Djuma game drives and are overprotective of them. You're entitled to your views as I'm entitled to mine. WE has been promising wonderful things since April. It's now October, and nothing's changed. I wish them well, but seeing is believing.

audrey kepka said...

anonymous, you could have said it a little nicer. i don't care who you are. you are a very rude people.and if that make me rude in saying that to so be i said before if you don't like what you are seeing or hearing on the drive don't are not going to make them say or do anything faster to change the way they do said what you had to say and i said what i had to say, but i am not afarid to put my name on what i when we start to ask people to pay to watch ,let see if you are first in line to do so. i know i will be because "it's in my nature " to do so. because i love to see a place that i will never be able to go say what you want to i don't care but don't do it in a rude way, remember "you catch more bees with honey then with vinger." have a nice day. i know it's not in your nature to do so,but it is in mine to have one.

Anonymous said...

" audrey kepka said...

anonymous, you could have said it a little nicer. i don't care who you are. you are a very rude people.and if that make me rude in saying that to so be it."

Audrey, dear, now you're babbling and not making any sense. I shouldn't be rude but it's ok for you to be rude? LOL! That also sounds idiotic. Think about it.

Mytmoss said...

Anonymous so it is clear to you. Calling the phrase "its in our nature" is rude. There are so many nicer ways to make constructive criticism. You could have just as easily said that the repetition of the phrase bothers you. However calling it idiotic is like calling the person who coined it an idiot and those who like it idiots. Now if you think calling someone is an idiot is OK, then you need to learn what the word rude means.

You need not attack Audrey for her typing skills. We all know what she means and we all know what you meant. Audrey's comment of your being rude does not make her rude.

In the future, maybe pick your words so they are less inflammatory. So much can be stated without being hurtful.