Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The cats are in town.

Lots of cats in the area ... really for sure. The big Kuhuma ("come out" in Shangaan) pride with their 9 cubs have made several appearances recently. First seen coming through the Manyaleti from Kruger in September last year, they were made up of 2 brothers and 9 lionesses and a sub adult male. They kicked our the "3 plus 1" pride and eventually chased off their young son. Today its the two brothers 9 lionesses (although usually we only see 7) and their 9 cubs.

Karula ("peaceful" in Shangaan) was spotted this afternoon hunting in western Gowrie, WE watched for a while as she stalked some impala. Via the grapevine, WE hear that she is teaching her cubs to hunt on Arathusa to the west of our traversing area.

Mafufanyane ("madness" in Shangaan) and the Jordaan male both big, and skittish, male leopards are always around, but WE think that they spend a lot more time watching us than WE spend watching them ... it's in their nature. A new young male, son of the Beacon female from Buffelshoek, has been spotted moving into the area - so really for sure there looks like there is going to be a territorial shakeup with the leopards.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to WE in general, and Rexon, Rob, and Jan for the last several wonderful drives. There was so much good information, good photography, and good humor. I love to watch and learn about the flora, fauna, and traditions of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jan For The Night View It Is A Lot Better,But You Zoom In Juat A Little More A Night So We Can See What The Animal That IS Walking Around Out There??
I Just Love All Fun And Information And To Learn About South Africa Why Of LIfe. It Just Make My Day And Night. A Lot Better. Thanks Again For All Your Hard Work At We.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rob!!!

Fabienne said...

I have been fortunate enough to be able to get on WE cam since my Windows update, and how much I have missed it! Haven't been able to catch any drives yet, but I am sure I will have the pleasure again soon! Thanks for all the hard work guys.

I'm living in Amsterdam now, so the name "Jordaan male" feels like he is living just around the corner from where I live ;)