Saturday, 18 August 2007

Some news and a request.

Quite a few people have been wanting to know what the latest developments are with respect to allowing a much larger number of people to access the WildEarth live stream. WE have been working on getting this sorted out, but it is not entirely in the hands of WildEarth, so I thought I would take the time to explain how it all works and what WE are trying to achieve.

Since the concept of broadcasting LIVE wildlife began, 9 years ago, it has been difficult to find a sustainable business model that will satisfy all. Over the years it has become clear that a pure Internet advertising model is highly unlikely to be the answer for a number of key reasons. However, what has become clear is that there are thousands of content creators that have sustainably delivered entertaining experiences to viewers on other mediums and in particular on TV. WE are therefore very much of the opinion that in order for the concept of broadcasting LIVE wildlife to reach its full potential it must make its way onto television.

Therefore when we launched WildEarth we decided to license (rent) the global rights to broadcast our 24 hour per day LIVE stream on the Internet to a South African company called Telkom Media. WE did this so that we can focus our energies on developing WildEarth into our dream ... a LIVE global 24 hour TV channel. WE are well on our way to achieving this, but there is still a long road ahead, with much more equipment and crew required.

In the meantime Telkom Media, who have applied for a pay TV license in South Africa, are working on an overall plan for their Internet products, one of which is WildEarth. There is no doubt that a CDN (Content Distribution Network) will form part of this plan, but there are many other elements that have to be developed and integrated. How long will it take? Well I am not sure, but i have no doubt that it is in very capable hands and will be worth the wait.

On a different note, some of you may have noticed that WE had to delete a Blog post earlier in the week. The reason for this was that somebody had posted a very malicious and hurtful comment about another viewer and it had to be deleted. Now unfortunately it is not possible to delete just one nasty comment on Blogger, WE have to delete the whole post and all comments. WE had to do it again today.

I write this really to ask that the person responsible for this childish and very hurtful behaviour stops. WildEarth is not a community website we do not have any forums, chat rooms or message boards and we have done this specifically because we plan to focus on bringing you the best LIVE wildlife possible. Please see the beauty and serenity of what we do and try to respect it by not using this Blog as a platform to hurt.

Be nice ... its in your nature.


Karen said...

I would like to say THANK YOU to WE, for doing your best to take care of the negativity and insidious posts that have happened within the Blog. It is just a shame that so many "positive" comments had to be removed in the process.
I have and will continue to enjoy the fantastic drives as long as they are made available. There is not a day that I have not learned something new from our such knowledgable landie drivers as in Nick, Pieter and now Rexon. WE has a wonderful Team including our most talented Camera Guys- Jan and Rob and our very much missed Helen, Hayley and Zimpebwe (sorry for spelling) in Live Control and our mostly hidden Emily and Graham. If I forgot someone I sincerely apologize.
I just wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you for all you do.

From a curious student about Mother Nature's Wonders of The S. African Bush, enjoying the ride along in your cyber classroom.

Karen in Virginia
A Happily Addicted Bomite Cammer

sharonm said...

Sorry a few people can ruin this for the majority :(

I, for one, appreciate this site and love the game drives with Peiter, Jan, Rob and Rexon.

Snooks said...

I take it from your comments that it is now a foregone conclusion that future viewing will be on a pay per view basis and what we are at the moment being allowed to see for free is only available while you get your system fully set up. I still find it hard to believe that subsidising payments towards the running costs from the South African tourist companies that benefit from the site promoting South Africa and it’s wildlife plus other forms of advertising can’t pay for the site. Advertisers are prepared to pay for using a site that is regularly watched by large numbers of international viewers. I see this last point being your immediate problem. The difficulty trying to get connected means that very few people are able to view at any one time. Improve access to your site to allow a larger number of viewers and interest from international advertisers prepared to pay should follow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update on what the future holds for us. So many people all over the world truely appreciate this incredible experience that WILDEARTH has given us.
It is such a shame that there are people who cannot receive a gift graciously, and are determined to destroy that gift for all.
Keep your dream alive!
Sincerely, Judy

audrey said...

heelo can someone please tell us were rob has been??
hiop all is well with him.
thank you.

audrey said...

can someone please tell us were rob has been?? hope thing are alright with him.

sharonm said...

I enjoy the game drives so much, I would be more than glad to pay for them! Just tell me how much and where to send the check!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information. I'm proud to be among the Charter Members who can say "we were there when WildEarth was just beginning." :)

I'm glad to see your efforts to control the awful negative and hurtful posting that can creep in to every web format from people who just don't get it. Thank you for watching out for us.

As Haley says "enjoy what WildEarth has to offer." I know oI do.