Monday, 16 July 2007

WE have found a new starter motor.

... after phoning all around the Lowveld WE finally sourced a new starter motor this morning in Nelspruit. Pieter and Hayley are currently making the 3 hour journey there to collect the motor and will then drive back to Djuma. WE really appreciate them doing this even though they are actually on holiday.

When they get the new starter motor back to camp, Jan will be standing by to install it and then Nick and Helen will take the vehicle out on drive. If WE are really lucky there will be a drive this afternoon ... the whole team is focused on getting back on track. Lets see how the day unfolds.


BLTLADY said...

Bravo Pieter and Hayley
What a wonderful group of people you have working for you there at WE. Hat's off to all of you. Also does Pieter or any others that take pictures with camera's post them anywhere , would love to look at all they took, and if they do can you give the website of what they are on.
Thanks again for bringing us your part of the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks to Pieter and Hayley !!
I understand the problems you are having but so often the drive is late or cancelled while we all sit here waiting for word on whats happening , could someone not just take a sec to let us know as close to the drive start time as possible . Thanks