Tuesday, 17 July 2007

WE are back on the road again!!

... after a very difficult few days, WE, or at least Jan, managed to finally get the starter motor installed in the game drive vehicle. It was a real challenge that took him hours and hours. Poor Jan worked until 3:30 in the morning and then started again early this morning. In any event its in and working.

Nick and Helen are out again and on the hunt for all those 'critters' you love to watch.

WE are very sorry that you had to miss some drives, lets hope that it doesn't happen again. WE are expecting a cold front to pass through Djuma, and the whole of South Africa, in the next day or two. The team feel fairly confident that WE are ready for the weather ... maybe we will be lucky ... its in our nature.

(Photo Note: Jan and James on their way in the 'Bubaloo' to fix something ... or maybe just to visit the neighbours.)


Anonymous said...

Hi there!!

Firstly, thank you for setting these drives up for us, what a awesome time to go on drive, I LOVE IT!!

Just one thing, every night, at 12am (live in U.S.A), I sit at my computer, and click the "play" butten over and over, ha ha,but I acnt get on!!!!!!! Now I heard you guys clear the cam from users just before drives, so everone has a fair chance to get on to the drive?? Is that true?? What is that time that you guys clear it at??? I would like an estimate, so that I know when to try and log on, coz sum other users are hogging the space!!

Thank you so much, keep workin at what you are doing

Marlon du Toit!

Anonymous said...

July 18 th am drive - no dump , which was to even the playing field for us all to have a chance , then we can,t even count on the fact that you will do the dump each and every time . I spend alot of time trying to get on , its one thing to lose at the dump but to spend all that time to find out it didn,t matter anyway really upsets me ... you either do the dump each and every drive or not at all .

wile1 said...

Its great you have the cam back online.. now why don't you do your dumps to give everyone a chance to view it?? I don't mind if I can't get on at a dump or if I have managed to get on and lose my spot at least I know I've given it a try.. but to not dump and let some of those folks who stay connected 24/7 still be on and you know a lot of them aren't even watching.. its unfair.. and frankly when are these other slots opening up? seems you really have had a lot of time to get them on but so far nothing.. I haven't even give out the url for this to anyone because I tell them.. Its impossible to get on no matter how wonderful it is.. You really need to do someething badley!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited to see that the repairs have been completed and we are on the road again, but please with all excitement don't forget the dumps. For some of us that is the only chance we have on getting to come along for the ride.

Thanks for all your hard work.