Monday, 30 July 2007

Nick and Helen have gone!

Well Nick and Helen have gone. WE will miss them immensely. They have played such a big part in our lives and the early part of WildEarth's life.
They can leave secure in the knowledge that they helped create something very important and made a big difference in the lives of so many around the world.
Good luck with everything that the two of you take on in the future ... and remember there is always a place at WildEarth for you ... its in your nature.

A last goodbye from Nick and Helen.

Nick and Helen's final drive.


Vickie said...


Auntie Lyn said...

I'm sorry to see them leave, but I know Nick and Helen are standing on the edge ready to step into another new adventure.

My only regret is that all of us who had grown to care about these two were not able to connect and view their final ride. It's extremely disappointing that the 80 slots remain the standard for WE, and many are left waiting for a chance to catch a ride.

audrey said...

well guys this is the from all of us that have watch you take care and see you in the bush! please keep in touch when you can.
we love you guys

Anonymous said...

to Helen and Nick,

all the best to you in Canada and thanks for the memories, we shall never forget our 4 days we spent together at Djuma in the bush with you and Helen. I am glad we have it on film. with Cheetah Greetings, Manfred & Heidi

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for bringing back Nic and Helen to say so long again at the start of Pieter's drive.

Trying to be happy for them as they start a new adventure :) We will miss them very much and as others have said, wish them love, peace, joy, happiness and success.

How great that there are videos of their last official drive and of their goodbyes. That's terrific! Keep up the good work. Love from Smalldog.

Mytmoss said...

Its very sad to see them go, but looking to the future, how are we doing on those 1000 slots? Its gotten very quiet on this subject.


Anonymous said...

Nick and Helen may have left, but Pieter and Jan/Rob are more than adequate to replace them.

What a breath of fresh air to have Pieter back on the drives, giving us information about the wildlife and bush and the benefit of his love for the land.

Pieter is everything a wildlife guide should be. I'll be very surprised if Animal Planet or National Geographic don't give him a show of his own. He's that good.