Thursday, 5 July 2007

Lions and cameras.

Well once again it has been a tough few days as WE have had a camera failure again. As a result we missed two drives while we arranged for the newly repaired and modified HD camera to be flown into Djuma from Johannesburg.

While all this was going on a pride of lion had killed a buffalo very close to the Gowrie dam just in front of Vuyatela lodge and as a result we have had a lot of lion action around.

This has made it very difficult for Jan to repair a phantom fault on the Gowrie Cam ... because there are lion all around. He is planning to get to the camera this morning so that WE can figure out what is going on with this normally very reliable camera.

Many of you, our viewers, have been asking for an update on the increased size of the Landy/Jeep (more stream slots) and unfortunately we can't yet report that we are ready to implement the new plan. However WE can assure you all, that the strategy is being worked upon vigorously and you will see the results shortly. There are some very exciting developments being discussed at the moment.

WE are also well aware that our Infra Red camera at the waterhole at night is not very exciting and again we assure you that WE can do a lot better. However the main problem is not the camera or lights, but rather the lack of being able to operate the camera through the night. For a variety of reasons including a lack of accommodation and budget WE are unable to resolve this right now. In time our nocturnal viewing has the potential to be exceptional and WE will not miss the opportunity to WOW you .... its in our nature.


Mytmoss said...

Thank you for your continued updates, especially related to the number of slots. As you know we are all anxiously waiting for everyone to get on who wants to get on. Please keep us posted as you are doing now!

Well done!


Anonymous said...

May I just suggest that even when the drives aren't a goer, could you please still do the "dump" and report on your blog that there's problems. It's hard work and very frustrating (to the nth degree) to click for over 2 hours and to not get anywhere, only to find out later that a drive was cancelled via an announcement on the previous drive. Not all of us are in the know and or connected. I hope you understand the frustration felt by some.
Diane H

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, I am sure you are doing everything you can to get everything online.I am continued to be WOWed11 with all that you have at the moment, it is amazing to have the sights and sounds of africa in my own home.Lets hope you can get the dam cams working as I am getting withdrawal symptoms. LOL.


Anonymous said...

More double talk, more empty promises, and meanwhile things are worse than ever.

I'll bet this whole thing has turned out to be more expensive than you thought, and the money's not there. I won't be surprised if the plug is pulled one day, and no more drive broadcasts, at least by WildEarth.

Hopefully, one day someone will come along with the financial resources to make this wonderful idea work.

It must be evident by now that at least two drive vehicles, two cameras, backup parts, etc. are necessary, not to mention some heavy-duty insulation to shield the camera from the worst of the shocks.

Then there's the ongoing problem of getting access to the broadcast in the first place. It's way past time for the CDN to be in place.

Actions speak louder than words.

BLTLADY said...

I for one would like to commend you all on a great Job that you all do for those of us that are happy just to see4 your part of the world. Am very happy when I do get in for the drives, and if I don't so be it. We have commentators on our forum that will tell us what is going on for those that can not get in. Keep up the great work all of you at WildEarth. Also please give Nick & Pieter hand wipes for when they fill the urge to pick up the dung. LOL

Snooks said...

It's so easy and a little unfair to knock you over the problems that you are having. At least you're trying to do something and that's a lot better than the people sat at home on their arse being critical. Good luck with what you are trying to do.


Nanette said...

Anonymous said...
More double talk, more empty promises, and meanwhile things are worse than ever.

You might want to take into consideration that this is a third world country we are talking about and it takes time and alot of effort to do anything. Do some research or talk to some people that have actually been or lived there before spouting off!!!

Elaine said...

Wow, Rexon..on the cam or as presenter or both? lol Either way we have missed you, Rexon, and your cam work as Djuma's Virtual Ranger and your vast knowledge of the animals and the bush.

and I recall most vividly, thru your pictures, one of the saddest moments on the old original africam safari drives. It was when the safari cam found that the Styx Pride had killed the entire Sandy Patch pride except for two of that prides' lions. The photos of those dead three cubs that you all found will always be with me. Those 3 cubs and their mother had been the Picture of the Year on AfriCam.

BUT on a brighter note?..i also recall you going it alone out on the drive when someone suddenly ill or on holiday....and you alone, did the driving, tracking/spotting, working the cam, using the radio and getting great pics for us.

..and my memory of your Boma posts for said, after watching a very touching and family moment with the vVuyatela troop of baboons, "See how they love each other"
I really will be clicking like mad to get a slot on the REXON NOON drive tomorrow.

Go well, old friend,

PS: Rexon, when WE announced that they needed staff for the Safari Drives, i was going to suggest that they steal you from Pippa and Jurie..!!! LOL

Diane H said...

May I also suggest that you get the IP numbers of these users from Campbell and ban them from your server as they are the ones who are connected 24 hours a day 7 days a week to the cam.
It would make it easier for some of the other people who can't connect to view a drive once in awhile.
It's clear those people have no lives which I would strongly suggest to them all to get off their rearends and go outdoors and enjoy the nature all around you.

Diane H

Wolfman said...

Huh. I guess some people just look at the world with the "glass half empty" mentality. On top of that hiding behind the anonymous" tag without leaving a name. Let me ask one question of the last poster .. how much have you contributed to the effort?

Yeah, I thought so. Enjoy what you have coming to you for free. There are enough of us out there that love and appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

Diane H said...


I would glady enjoy the drive if I could get onto one but as I said above there are certain people who are always connected and it's impossible for others to even view a drive. I am getting nothing for free as you have suggested.

Diane H

Anonymous said...

Please be aware that the post above (under elaine and above wolfman)is not from me (the original Diane H). It would appear we have a smarty playing games and trying to cause trouble.