Thursday, 26 July 2007

A big welcome to Rob the new WE cameraman.

Born and bred in Cape Town, this surfer boy loves nothing more than weilding a camera and riding the waves. He was an outdoorsy child, playing any sport he could. His magic footie skills will keep the rest of the team on their toes......literally. Nowdays, he prefers to spend his time surfing and of course playing with cameras. Having spent four years learning the ins and outs of film making, this top notch camera man has made his mark on the industry. From kite surfing competetions to MTV reality shows this gifted photographer loves nothing more than holding your eye. With his infectious laugh Rob is slipping effortlessly into the WE team and looks like he has a chance of filling Helen's big boots.
Likes: Surfing and girls
Dislikes: Trance music and eating meat.


Gracie said...

Welcome Rob!
You are soooo sweet looking and I know all the women are going to love .... errr enjoy your drives.

tc said...

hi new guy rob. maybe if you are lucky enough the bomite women will make a video tribute to you as they are of helen and nick. they enjoy doing these things. :)

audrey said...

welcome rob, let me the first to welcome you to the we family.
i am sure you will do just fine in showing we. we will be looking to see you on the cam .
good luck & enjoy
from a we friend, audrey

Baybe said...

Welcome aboard, Rob! Can't wait to see what amazing view's you will be showing us!

You have an infectious laugh, eh? Will be hard to top Helen's giggle! =)

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard...Will be looking forward to see you on cam and may you have plenty of fun and exciting drives and sightings

Anonymous said...

Rob, welcome, and one piece of advice:: don't forget the closeups, esp. of small animals and things. We viewers have been frustrated (not by Jan or Helen) when people manning cameras leave us hanging at a distance, unable to see any details. Continuous zooming in and out or constant refocusing is also a no-no.

Many of us are using screen capture programs and need a few seconds to click on a good shot, so keep that in mind. These drives have a LOT of fans!

Good luck! :-)

blueeyedlibra said...

welcome aboard...may you have plentyful sightings and wonderful sure all of us will get to like you as the rest of the WE gang!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the WE team, Rob! Best of luck with your new job, and we look forward to your input and perspective!


Bev (WildCall on the boma)

tc said...

what a great start to the morning! pretty leopard and great shots from the new guy rob! well done.


Anonymous said...

No gamedrive in the morning of July 28th.

The farewell party for Nick and Helen will be held this evening - Friday July 27th. To give all the party-animals a chance to sleep late, there will be no game drive to-morrow morning.
Nick and Helen's last game drive will be Saturday afternoon.
Have a very good party.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought, why don't you employ Mike (Moss). He seems to know everything and is not shy to share that he knows everything!

Meaghan from Ontario said...

Welcome to the team, Rob!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Rob!

AudreyJean said...

Has the morning drive for 7/28 been cancelled? We couldn't hear all that was said on the afternoon drive. Could you please update the blog so we know?
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the crew Rob! I hope you'll be showing us a lot of amazing sightings!

I had a question for the WE staff: Wouldn't it be a good idea to have one of the drives dedicated to the smaller critters sometime? Like a bug drive so to say hihi.

We're seeing all the large animals which is amazing, but we're missing out on the smaller ones like bugs for an instance. Maybe it would be cool to announce a specific date especially for the buglovers among us, to see the amazing african insects?

Vickie said...

Welcome Rob!!!! I haven't been able to catch many rides lately, life seems to be getting in the way, but I do look forward to catching a few rides with you on camera.

Welcome aboard!


Anonymous said...

No dump again Today !!!!

Anonymous said...

A belated Welcome to you Rob, and, hello to Pieter. You make an awesome team. Camera work is smooth and in sharp focus. Driving and commentary from Pieter is as always, top notch, entertaining as well as highly informative. Love from Smalldog.

Karen said...

I have been truly enjoying your fantastic work on the camera.
Now if we can get you to feel comfortable enough to talk more, we'd love to hear your input on things also.
And yes, to also hear this infectious laugh we have been told about.. lol

A belated welcome to you and I look forward to watching you at work enjoying your self as much as possible.


Karen in VA
A Happy Bomite Cammer