Monday, 28 May 2007

Daily Game Dives

There has been a lot of confusion as to why our audience have been missing game drives recently. This is because of an increasing number of power outages across the whole of South Africa. (Primarily due to a marked drop in the temperature, more and more demand has been placed on the grid). Additionally there has been a break in one of the fibre optic lines between Djuma and Pretoria and Telkom have been working hard to fix it. As a result, you the viewers are not getting your regular stream.

We at WildEarth are continuing to go out on two game drives a day despite the problems, and the minute everything is fixed we'll be there for you. The morning safari starts at 06.30 and the evening at 15.00. If the times change we will let you know.

We are working hard to fix these problems and apologise for the frustration this must be causing.


Cayenne said...


This is amazing! I just got around your site and although it's not working for me at the moment, I will definitely be following this!

Do you guys have a forum too?

Anonymous said...

We appreciate all you do and I know we are not paying for this, but is there any real hope of more than this limited acess to the cam?
I find it extremely frustrating to have to continuously click on the link and to be quite frank I have better things to do with my time as do the other cam-watchers.
We are growing weary. At this point, I would be happy to pay for a guaranteed connection.