Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Jan Harm Robbertse

Technical assistant, director and camera.
Fresh from an audio visual production management degree, Jan brings his incredible technical and film making talent to WildEarth. When not in the Control Centre or under a vehicle he can be found deep in the bush talking to the animals. Yes, his dream of a career in animal whispering was sadly not to be, but now it is his hobby. Having grown up on the family farm which he calls ‘his little bit of heaven’ he has a great love of all things outdoors. After working as a camera assistant he realised he could connect wildlife and filming. This self confessed bush addict likes nothing more than wielding a camera amongst the animals. As enthusiastic about his job as he is about life in general, Jan has become our Mr fix-it as well as being a superb cameraman and Director.

Likes – the bush.
Dislikes – being single.


Vickie said...


Thank you so much for working so hard to help get us these live feeds. There are so many of us here in the States that enjoy every minute of it.

I am sure there are times when it gets frustrating for you but know that so many here appreciate everything you do!



Anonymous said...

I was able to see a couple of the drives with Pieter and Jan. I love Pieter as he spends so much time explaining what he sees. Jan gave some of the best photo shots so people like me could take snaps. They are for sure great together.

Anonymous said...

halo jampi...finally kan ek jou foto sien! Ek is soooo trots op jou! You are living your dream! keep on being so passionate! love you mater! LOUKI