Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Helen Rohrs – de Jongh

Field Guide/highly experienced in photography and our star on the camera.
Helen is WildEarth's very own Lara croft. With a degree in fine art, 4 years as a field guide and a highly experienced camera person she is a very talented lady. A self confessed tomboy, her first 10 years were spent larking around in the Kruger Park with her family. Moving to Canada at the age of 10 she developed a serious passion for art and photography and planned a career. This all changed when on a 3 month sabbatical to Djuma she caught a serious case of Khaki Fever and fell in love with a field guide. Marrying Nick resulted in them becoming a bush team with more knowledge between them than most text books. Years of experience filming game drives for the internet honed her photographic skills.

Likes: celebrity gossip and catching more fish than Nick.
Dislikes: skunks.


bushnut said...

Hello Kiddo - great picture - and I really like Nicks hair! Have registered with Telcom - will see what happens. Will wildearth be keeping a photo album of special pics of the drives - or pics that you take?

Elaine said...

Hello, Helen,
very belated best wishes for you and Nick! i saw some beautiful pictures of your wedding. I wish you both happiness and lots of little bushbabies!
Go well.

( and Hello,bushnut..!FYI..at this time They are posting still pics captured from the videos, from both drive and vuyatela cams, on the Djuma Forum. Video clips captured by cammers are being posted on YOUTUBE.com at WildEarths request , just do a search for WildEarth. For anyone who captures and posts videos WildEarth has asked that they please use WildEarth in the subject line so they can be found easily by doing a search on youtube See ya on the drive, bushnut!)