Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Hayley Brookes-Roux

Final Control Director.
This seriously capable young lady makes a welcome addition to the WildEarth team. She is a born traveller who doesn’t bat an eyelid when roughing it. We rescued Hayley from the freezing temperatures of the UK and she now prefers to make the warmer climate of the African bush her home. Having had a passion for all things ‘wild’ since she was a child, she fits in a treat at Djuma. Super competent as a director, Hayley is the perfect picture of calm, whatever is happening around her. ‘Danger’ is her middle name, so no wonder she fits in so well.

Likes – Indy rock music and daydreaming.
Dislikes – liars and fennel.

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Vickie said...


Thank you for working so hard to keep things running! I bet there are times when you want to pull your hair out. I totally appreciate everything you do to get us this live feed.